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Our Packing and Shipping Protects Your Products

For experienced packaging, marking, and shipping services, Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. of Plainville, Massachusetts, protects your products. From barcodes to protective barriers, we ensure your cargo gets safely to its destination.

RFID Compliant Tags

Outsourced tag suppliers take time. Our in-house, RFID-compliant tag production system allows greater flexibility, faster turnaround, and we don't have to depend upon a vendor's certificate of compliance. We have full barcode capabilities, including Military Shipment Label (MSL) 2-D barcodes, and maintain control over the quality process. We meet or exceed all federal RFID requirements guaranteeing shipment compliance.

Level 1 Packaging

Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. is a qualified packager for Level 1/SubSafe Navy Special Emphasis Program material. We are fully equipped to meet Level 1 packaging needs.

Electronic Protection

For electronics, we offer electromagnetic and electrostatic field force protection. We enclose electronically sensitive equipment in a protective barrier preventing circuit boards, microchips, and computers from static electricity damage during handling and shipping.

Moisture & Vapor Protection

From small components to complete machinery shrouding, we provide protection, ensuring water, moisture, and vapors do not damage products. We offer desiccated moisture protection for especially sensitive equipment. Products are enclosed in a protective, sealed barrier preventing moisture damage essential for machinery export.

Domestic & Overseas Packing

Whether packing for domestic or overseas shipping, the experienced professionals at Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. interpret and comply with government packaging requirements, including foreign military sales (FMS). We stay current with the latest specifications and revisions.

Wood Crating

All products packed in wood crating comply with the United Nations International Plant Protection Commission (IPPC) and the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) heat-treating guidelines. Our wood crating is compliant with all government requirements for heat-treated wood for overseas and domestic shipments.


Twice weekly Q.A.R. inspections ensure our plant meets the high standards demanded by government regulation. Whether working with the Department of Defense, an industrial client, or commercial customers, we guarantee all packaging, marking, and shipping standards are met.


All bidding, shipping, and billing are done electronically. We are current with the latest upgrades to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) System, so we speed up government payments.