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About Us

Plainville, Massachusetts-based Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. offers reliable packaging service for shipping your products. Our years of industry experience and employee longevity allow us to provide you with quality packaging, marking, and shipping of your products, both domestic and foreign.

Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. Warehouse

Our History

Launched in 1956 by Bernard Brown, the former head of shipping and export for Texas Instruments™, Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. got its start in a cellar in Attleboro, Massachusetts. In the 1960s, our company relocated to Plainville, Massachusetts, where there was easy access to several highways. In 2006, we became a 100% woman-owned small business. Today, Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. remains a family-owned business in Plainville, serving at the forefront of packaging, marking, and shipping for the Department of Defense.

Helping Customers

We meet the complete packaging needs for the Department of Defense and can help expedite your payment from the government. Our professionals are familiar with all types of government packaging regulations to ensure your product is compliant before leaving our plant. Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. also provides commercial and industrial packaging from the smallest components to completed equipment and large machinery. Through our years of experience in working with the government, we are able to provide expert packaging for your company's needs.

Our Location

We are conveniently located near I-95 and I-495 with easy access off Route 1 in Plainville, Massachusetts. This makes it easy for products to move in and out of our plant.

Pride In Our People

One of the top reasons to choose Dun-Rite Packaging Inc. is our people. We take pride in the longevity and experience of our entire workforce. The lead of our management team, Ken Patton, has been with us since 1969. In addition, our production manager has been with us since 1980. Our long-term employees and staff offer the trusted experience you need to ensure your products are safely packaged, marked, and shipped wherever they are headed.

Our Mission

Dun-Rite's mission is to continue to be at the front line of preservation packaging in the defense arena along with continued growth and service of the industrial and commercial marketplace. We are committed to excellent service and specialize in helping any size company with their Department of Defense, industrial, and commercial packaging needs.